5 Mistakes You're Probably Making When You Try to Conceal a Pimple

Here’s how to hide it right

Bad breakouts can ruin lives. This might be a tad dramatic, but they can seriously cramp your style when you want to look fly AF. It can also be really tricky to conceal a pimple, and most of the time smothering one in makeup only draws more attention to it. Here’s what you are (probably) doing wrong with your makeup cover-up technique, and how to fix it…

1 You’re using dirty makeup tools

We love a makeup sponge, but do you know what we love even more? A CLEAN makeup sponge – and those are harder to come by. People often neglect to clean their makeup application tools on the regular, and this means that they become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Also, nasty sponges can be the cause of pesky breakouts so make sure that you clean yours thoroughly once a month to help prevent your skin from freaking out. Trust us on this one.


2 You’re not using a colour corrector first

So you’re having a big night out and a zit has taken up residence on your face. No biggie, just reach for the concealer. But not so fast, as the best way to hide blemishes is with the use a colour corrector first. Green is the best shade to use as this will neutralise redness emanating from that area, so putting on a layer of it and blending it properly before you reach for the concealer is going to go a long way in keeping your secret safe.

3 You’re not using enough moisturiser

You know what your skin needs at all times? Moisturiser. And while many people think that they should lay off it when they experience a breakout, this can actually make matters worse. Using a moisturiser that is designed for your skin type can help your skin to clear up faster, and it can also help smooth out the area before you put on your makeup, which is helpful if your pimple is on the crusty side. After moisturising, apply primer and you’re good to go.


4 You are using the wrong shade of concealer

Colour correctors might come in all sorts of weird colours that somehow make skin look better, but the same doesn’t apply to concealer. The biggest faux pas people make when trying to conceal a pimple is using the wrong shade of concealer. If you use one that is lighter than your skin tone and foundation, it can make your zit stand out more. Instead, opt for a shade that is your perfect match or little bit darker so it fades into the background.

5 You’re applying WAY too much highlighter

We’ve been through this. While we love highlighter, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. What a lot of people do when they have a breakout is to cover the area in highlighter to make the area look more fabulous. No, girl. By putting highlighter over acne you are essentially giving it spotlight, and shiny bumps are not a good look. Only use highlighter on the high planes of the face and only where you are zit-free. It’s for the best.


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