5 Beauty Resolutions to Help Make 2019 Your Hottest One Yet

Starting date: Immediately!

It’s officially 2019!


And with the ringing in of a new year come all sorts of self-improvement promises that we intend to live by for the upcoming twelve months. Hey, the saying ‘new year, new you’ didn’t become January’s catch phrase for nothing!

Sure, there may be loads of adjustments to be made in other aspects of your life, but it’s never too late to make beauty resolutions that can change your look and increase your confidence levels. And they are a lot more fun to implement as well. Here are five ways to level-up your skin, hair and makeup routines that will make 2019 your most beautiful one yet.

1 Remove Your Makeup

We’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times, and we are saying it again for the people at the back – removing your makeup before bed is crucial if you want to have great skin. The time that we spend sleeping is a busy time for our skin, which is hard work regenerating and repairing the damage caused to it throughout the day. Clogging it up with a thick layer of makeup means that this process won’t be as effective and you will also end up with problems ranging from clogged pores, breakouts and even fine lines developing. Basically, it ain’t worth it.

2 Get Masking

Wash, tone, serum and moisturise are the four primary steps that make up most skincare routines. And it’s great if you have one that works for your skin and that you can adhere to religiously. But added extras, such as masks, can make a world of difference to your skin. They generally contain concentrated doses of ingredients that target skin issues, but using them only a few times a week means that you will reap the benefits without overdoing it. It’s also a great exercise in self-care, which is something we should ALL be doing more of in 2019.

3 Limit Your Sun Exposure

We know that January weather makes everyone want to strip down to a sexy two-piece and spend as much time absorbing the sun’s UV rays, but this kind of behaviour needs to come to an end. Unless, of course, skin that resembles a leather handbag is what you’re after.


Sun damage is the main guilty party behind visible signs of ageing, so if you want to retain that youthful visage for as long as possible, not only do you need to douse yourself in a high-factor SPF daily but you need to spend less time in the sun as well.

4 Switch to Sulfate-Free

Sulfates have been getting more and more attention over the last few years, and NOT for a good reason. These harsh, soapy chemicals can be found in everything from heavy-duty household cleaners to your shampoo and face wash. And, as you might guess, what’s good for disinfecting surfaces isn’t quite as good for keeping your delicate hair and skin healthy. In fact, it can strip necessary oils from you, leaving you looking and feeling dry. Making the sulfate-free switch in 2019 will be a total game-changer.

5 Be Consistent

We know that there are loads of new and exciting beauty products that are constantly hitting our shelves and it can be really tempting to give them all a bash. But if you’ve managed to find your holy grail product that keeps your skin looking fresh, try and stick with it. Many beauty goodies might look exciting (peel-off glitter masks, anyone?) but are gimmicky and don’t offer much in terms of skincare benefits – sad, but true. Commit to the products that work and ignore the fads, even if it means avoiding the ‘explore’ tab on the ‘gram for a while. It’s for the best.

New year, new skin! It is possible, and it doesn’t have to be difficult either. You’re welcome!

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