4 Myths About Dying Your Hair (& Why You Should Stop Believing Them)

Don’t believe the lies

We love our hair, but that doesn’t mean that every now and then we feel like a bit of a change. Whether you experience a bad break-up or just a change of season, adding a bit of colour to our tresses can make you feel like a whole new woman. That being said, many people are scared to take the hair-colour plunge because of all the myths surrounding these types of treatments. So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to debunk them for you. You’re welcome!

Myth #1: Dying your hair damages it

The truth: Yes and no. It all depends on how you go about it, what type of products you use and the condition of your hair beforehand. If your hair is weak and brittle you should try and avoid harsh chemicals. But if your hair is healthy and you don’t attempt to bleach it without knowing what you are doing, you should be fine. If you want to go darker, look for dyes that have damage-blocking technology. Or better yet, regardless of what shade you are going, go to a salon and let the pros deal with your precious locks.


Myth #2: Dying your hair isn’t worth it because the colour fades quickly

The truth: There are two types of dye – permanent and semi-permanent. Permanent grows out with your hair growth and semi-permanent fades over time but can still leave some remnants of colour on the strands. Semi-permanents become gradually weaker with each wash but there are ways to delay the process, such as mixing some of the dye into your shampoo and conditioner so that it deposits a small amount of the colour as you wash and extend the colour. That, and using hair care products that are free from colour-stripping sulfates.


Myth #3: You can’t use heated styling tools after you have dyed your hair

The truth: If you have just dyed your hair, especially if there was bleach involved, it is going to be a bit fragile for a while. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to forego your styling tools altogether. What it does mean is that you need to keep straightening and blow-drying to a minimum and using heat protectant spray on your tresses before you even look at your curling tongs. And if you have a device on which you can adjust the heat setting, put it on a low heat for extra protection.


Myth #4: If you dye your hair you can say ‘goodbye’ to your volume

The truth: Dying your hair actually has the opposite effect, particularly when you make your hair a lighter shade. This is because the bleach used makes the hair cuticle swell so your individual strands of hair will look thicker and fuller. This is why dye looks that much better over pre-lightened hair  – swollen hair shafts mean that the colour is more easily absorbed. In other words, you won’t just have a rad new hue but will also have a mop of hair that is thicker and more voluminous. Score!


Now that we have put your mind at ease – go forth and experiment. Your best look might be one dye job away.

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