4 Best Lip Stains for People Who Hate Lipstick

The all-day colour you can swipe on and forget about

Here’s the thing about lipsticks: They’re kind of high maintenance. And this is coming from me, a girl who wears lipstick at least five days a week. But between the meticulous applications, the touch-ups for when you inevitably eat yet another bagel, and that moment when your lips devolve into a dry, prune-like mess…they can get annoying.

But for those moments, we have lip stains. If you’ve used a lip stain before, you know that it’s, well, a literal stain on your lips — no bells or whistles or fun ingredients. At least, those were the formulas of the past. But today’s stains are definitively awesome. With oil-stain hybrids, balm-like stains, and semi-matte moisturising stains, you can find the perfect shade and formula for your lips, without having to settle. Check out the five best, below, and get swiping.

1 This Sheer Stain

This is, pure and simple, a straight-up stain. It’s a thin, water-like liquid mixed with pigment to give your lips a wash of long-lasting colour. Brush it on over your bare lips, then layer with a balm for more moisture.

2 This Shiny Oil Stain

Take the bright pigment of a stain, mix in the shine powers of an oil, and you get this hybrid. The formula, which comes five shades, is an oil-based stain, which means it actually leaves your lips feeling soft and moisturised.

3 This Lipstick-Like Stain

Stains are great and all, but if you’re a person who loves more of an opaque, moisturising finish, try this creamy formula, which is basically a super-lightweight liquid lipstick that wears off into an even, pigmented stain. Apply it in the morning, and then forget about it for the rest of the day — your lips will look bright for hours.

4 This Matte Cream Stain

This wand-applicator stain swipes on like a cream, but dries down to a completely matte, opaque pigment. It’s basically like a matte lipstick, but without all of the stuff you hate about matte lipsticks (dryness, flakiness, hard-to-apply-ness), thanks to its hydrating base.

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