Move Over K-Beauty, Because J-Beauty is Coming in Hot!

💮 Konnichiwa! 💮

Unless you have been hiding under a rock the past couple of years, you’ve definitely heard of K-Beauty. This movement hails from South Korea, and includes not just products but even a 10-step method of applying them. Talk about extra! While we might still be exploring all that this skincare cult has to offer (yes, I will add a panda bear-shaped cooling eye treatment to my cart, thanks!) there is another Asian nation on our radar: Japan. And we reckon that J-Beauty is going to be the next trend to transform our skin.

Big in Japan

It may surprise you, but Japan has one of the oldest and most traditional beauty industries in the world. It’s only in the last year, however, that it has started making major waves in the west. While there have been a handful of brands from Japan around in the western world for some time, they were often adapted and marketed at western consumers. Now, people are importing and endorsing products that are popular in Japan among its beauty fundies today.

What makes their products different from our mainstream ones is that they look to nature for inspiration and use ingredients that have been used for centuries, such as camellia oil, green tea and rice. And sure, their packaging might not be as cute and colourful as their K-Beauty counterparts, but they are all about gentle-yet-effective cleansing, and one glance of their flawless skin is enough to convert us TBH.

So while J-Beauty might be the more simple and understated relative of the K-Beauty movement, it is still luxurious and capable of yielding some serious skincare results. And that’s all that really matters.

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