20 Watercolour Tattoo Ideas and Designs That'll Brighten Up Your Mood Board

You’ll never get sick of looking at these.

I’m a high-key wimp when it comes to needles, but if there’s anything that could convince me to get a tattoo, it’s a ridiculously pretty, watercolour design. Like, I love the look of a classic black-ink tattoo, but there’s something extra special about paint brush-inspired strokes and crazy-bright details. That’s why I combed through the massive amount of inspiration on Instagram to find the prettiest watercolour tattoos of all time, from baby-blue butterflies to flower-filled lightening bolts.

Trust me when I say these 20 watercolour tattoo ideas have me contemplating a spur-of-the-moment trip to my local tattoo shop.

Lightening Bolt Watercolour Tattoo

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“She cuppeth the lightning in her hand. She commandeth it to strike.” ⚡️⚡️ for Missy 💐 . . . “It is the shape that lightning forms when it strikes from heaven to earth. The forked tear in the sky becomes a pattern of flesh or on the earth. These same distinctive patterns bloom in a block of acrylic when struck with electricity. We send electric currents down orderly runs of circuits and switches, but the shape that electricity wants to take is of a living thing, a fern, a bare branch. The strike point in the center, the power seeking outward. This same shape grows within us, our inward trees of nerves and blood vessels. The central trunk, the pathways dividing and redividing. The signals carried from our fingers’ ends to the spine to the brain. We are electrical. The power travels within us as it does in nature. My children, nothing has happened here that has not been in accordance with the natural law.”

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This lightening bolt tattoo is anything but basic, thanks to the ridiculously pretty, watercolour flowers that live inside of it.

Butterfly Watercolour Tattoo

What’s cuter than two dainty watercolour butterfly tattoos, you ask? Literally nothing, that’s what.

Watercolour Ankle Tattoo

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This ankle tattoo is equal parts subtle and bold, thanks to the combination of delicate strokes and bright ink.

Bird Watercolour Tattoo

A blend of blue, violet, and black ink gives this watercolour bird tattoo a cool, galaxy-inspired touch.

Pink Watercolour Tattoo

The soft, diffused strokes on this pink floral tattoo makes it look like an actual watercolour painting.

Tiny Watercolour Tattoo

There’s something extra tempting about a teeny tiny tattoo, especially when it’s rendered in the prettiest watercolour hues.

Watercolour Thigh Tattoo

Bright colours not totally your vibe? No prob. This watercolour tattoo gives you the same soft, free-hand strokes but in a totally subdued colour palette.

Peony Watercolour Tattoo

This peony tattoo is made extra dreamy with shades of green, pink, white, and yellow—and that perfect placement is pretty hard to beat.

Watercolour Neck Tattoo

Wear your hair down and this delicate watercolour tattoo is easily disguised, or opt for a bun and show off that lil’ beauty to the world.

10 Sunflower Watercolour Tattoo

There’s nothing *not* to love about this sunflower tattoo, but the oil painting-esque shading on the petals is beyond cool.

11 Dragonfly Watercolour Tattoo

This dragonfly tattoo is fairly simple in design, but the crazy-bold background colours gives it some nice edge.

12 Watercolour Wrist Tattoo

This watercolour tattoo design is so damn pretty, there’s no reason not to show it off 24/7—and the genius wrist placement lets you do just that.

13 Watercolour Back Tattoo

This watercolour tattoo—which sits a few inches below your neck—will look so sick peeking out of a tank top in summer.

14 Watercolour Heart Tattoo

This itty-bitty heart design has a defined outline, but the watercolour detailing in the centre makes it perfect for anyone wanting a colourful tat.

15 Watercolour Foot Tattoo

This olive-leaf tattoo will look so freakin’ pretty with a neutral nail polish.

16 Wrap-Around Watercolour Tattoo

Take your wrist tattoo up a notch by opting for this wrap-around watercolour design (which is basically like a permanent bracelet).

17 Watermelon Watercolour Tattoo

I never thought I’d consider tattooing a watermelon onto my arm until I saw this insane watercolour design. Like, wouldn’t you just smile every time you look at it?!

18 Rose-Bud Watercolour Tattoo

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Not down for a full bouquet? This little rose-bud tattoo gives you your floral fix without going overboard.

19 Watercolour Spine Tattoo

If you’re brave enough to sit through a spine tattoo, it might as well be for a ridiculously pretty outcome, like this diffused, watercolour flower stem.

20 Cherry Watercolour Tattoo

The bright-red ink in this dreamy cherry tattoo is so vibrant, but the design is simple enough that you’ll never get sick of it.

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