18 Cat Tattoo Ideas You’ll Actually Want to Try Right Now

Seriously—you’re going to want to screenshot.

Ready to make the ultimate ode to your furry child? Put it in ink. And although you probably already have a zillion images saved to your phone, I went ahead and rounded up the 18 coolest, prettiest, cat-approved tattoo ideas that range from cute to clever. Screenshot them, make an appointment, and prove that you love your cat as much as your Instagram Story shows.

Sleeping Kitten Tattoo

How cute is this snoozing kitten? Try placing it right above the elbow for an unexpected yet cool twist.

Space Cat Tattoo

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Make a traditional cat tattoo feel otherworldly by pairing your feline bestie with orbiting planets.

Boozy Cats Tattoo

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Life is too short to take yourself so seriously. Let these kittens be a reminder that not all tats have to be super meaningful.

Wildflower Cat Portrait Tattoo

Accent your cat’s regal portrait with delicate floral details—it’s a beautiful tribute to your kitty.

Half-Moon Cat Tattoo

Channel your inner Sabrina the Teenage Witch with a half-cat, half-moon tattoo that feels a touch whimsical.

Single-Line Cat Tattoo

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Not all cats need to be super cutesy or cuddly—this abstract, single-line tattoo feels delicate without being too sweet.

Double Cat Tattoo

Committing to just one tat can be hard, so why not pick two that complement each other? These two black cats are adorable yet understated.

Geometric Calico Cat Tattoo

I love this tat combo because it’s the perfect blend of artsy and edgy. The bright pops of colour also make it feel like a work of art.

Feasting Kitten Tattoo

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If you’ve got a kitten, you know how true this kitchen scene really is. Capture your hungry, mischievous cat with a negative-space tattoo.

10 Secret Whisker Cat Tattoo

Not all tattoos have to be huge or front and center. This tiny finger tat is playful, fun, and easy to hide (from, you know, your mom).

11 On-Point Cat Portrait

Um, my heart is melting. And obviously, this cat has cosigned its portrait by the looks of this adorable photo.

12 Minimalist Cat Tattoo

This twinning tattoo looks like a loose sketch from an artist’s notebook. Swap out the cursive meow for your own pet’s name to personalise it.

13 Doodle-Inspired Cat Tattoo

Perfection is overrated. I love how this tattoo looks like it was scribbled on in the moment.

14 Watercolour Kitten Tattoo

Subtle washes of colour take this minimalist tattoo from basic to brilliant.

15 Artsy Outline Cat Tattoo

Capture your cat doing what they do best: napping. If the idea of a large tattoo seems overwhelming, go smaller or keep it clean and colour-free.

16 Bold Cat Tattoo

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Take a simple outline design and make it major by filling it in with a floral wallpaper–inspired design.

17 Hyperrealistic Cat Tattoo

This tattoo looks so realistic, you’ll almost want to reach out and pet it (but, like, don’t—keep your hands to yourself).

18 Cat-Heart Tattoo

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Is your cat’s heart as big as their personality? This semiabstract tattoo will capture both perfectly.

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