14 Celebs Who Love Face Masks as Much as You Do

Even the rich and famous are all about self-care.

Masking has always been a thing, but it hasn’t been until fairly recently that this skincare practice has gone mainstream. Back in the day, people would smear mashed avo on their faces, but these days face masks have become increasingly sophisticated, with varieties available for any skin type and concern. There are also so many different types of formulas – from moist sheet masks to pore-gunk-removing clay ones – that everyone is catered for. And the selfie opportunities? Endless!

Masking Moments

It’s not just us regular folk who like to indulge in this self-care-skincare activity. Celebrities do their best to look after their skin so that they look bomb when the paparazzi strike. While many of them get regular high-end facials and see the best dermatologists, they still enjoy popping on a regular face mask from time to time, even if it is for the likes.

Here are 14 celebrity face mask selfies that prove they are just like us (just with *much bigger* bank accounts!):

Veteran actor Will Smith knows that the ageing process isn’t kind to our skin so he is doing his best to keep his hands and under-eye area hydrated.

Other guys who enjoy a good masking sesh include Ricky Martin…

Sam Smith…

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Chris Pratt…

… and Diddy.

While men are definitely catching on when it comes to the benefits of face masks, women already know. Here are some famous female faces showing us how they like to treat their skin. We’ll have what they’re having, thanks!

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cheers to rest and recreation

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Kaia Gerber is set for world domination when it comes to her modelling, so she likes to unwind in a bath with a face mask. Who knew we had so much in common!

Bella Hadid and the Kardashian sisters like to make their masking a communal affair, with friends and family getting in on the action:

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Model and momma Chrissy Teigen often takes to social media to show us her skincare escapades, and this is one of her *ahem* less flattering mask pics:

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It’s comforting to know that celebs look as weird as we do when wearing a sheet mask!

Award season also sees the stars paying more attention to their skincare needs…

… as do grueling work schedules.

And then there are the celebs that like to shock with their face masks, either in a good…

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All gold everything 💫 @soma_spa_

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… or downright terrifying ways.

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Put the lotion in the basket.

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Face masks – they’re great. And they don’t discriminate when it comes to delivering the glowing results, no matter your celeb or pleb status.

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