10 Soothing and Concealing Beauty Products for Hay-Fever Sufferers


Spring has sprung and the smell of fresh blooms is in the air … as well as all their pollen.


I suffer from terrible hay fever, the kind that lasts all year and isn’t season-specific. But, for many people, September brings with it itchy, puffy eyes, congestion, redness and general discomfort. And the constant rubbing and blowing can wreak havoc on your beauty game. But it doesn’t have to. Here are 10 picks I depend on when the sneezes strike.

10 Soothing and Concealing Beauty Products for Hay-Fever Sufferers

1 The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

Remove makeup and build-up on your face the gentle way. This oil cleanser is tough on debris but easy on your face, making it a great choice for people whose skin is red, inflamed and generally uncomfortable.

2 Sorbet Gel Eye Mask

Unlike other disposable varieties, this is the mask that keeps on giving. Store it in the fridge and whip it out when you’re feeling congested and your eyes are itchy, and get ready for instant relief.

3 Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel-Cream

When you’re spending most of your time blowing your nose, your skin – especially in that area – can become really dry. Prevent this while also cooling your skin with this moisturiser that has a soothing gel-cream formula.

4 Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

If the makeup look you’re after is a dewy one but you aren’t sure which foundation will be comfortable to wear, I can vouch for this one. It’s light, long-lasting, hypoallergenic and will allow your skin to breathe.

5 L’Oréal Makeup Designer Infallible Matte 24HR Liquid Foundation

If your foundation finish of choice is matte but you’re worried that all the itching and blowing will ruin your look, then this gem can help. It lasts all day and is waterproof, so it stays put until you’re ready to take it off.

6 NYX Professional Makeup HD Studio Photogenic Concealer

One of the most common symptoms associated with hay fever is redness on various parts of your face. To hide this, simply apply some green colour corrector under your foundation. Looking better already!

7 Clinique Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Pressed Powder

If you have put in the effort to put your face on, the last thing you want is for it to come off. This powder not only sets everything, but also helps to counteract any redness that may come as a result of your allergies.

8 Estée Lauder Double Wear Infinite Waterproof Eyeliner

Itchy, watery eyes are yet another symptom associated with hay fever, which means that wearing eye makeup can be risky. Or not, if you use one that’s waterproof, such as this great find from Estée Lauder.

9 Rimmel 100% Waterproof Mascara

To finish off your eye makeup, you need a few coats of mascara. You know, for the drama. But, again, it needs to be able to cling on despite any watering. Only 100% waterproof mascara will do, and we have found just the one.

10 Almay Color + Care Liquid Lip Balm

When you have hay fever, your skin is uncomfortable, so you should take extra care to not aggravate it more by using an old lippie. This one is dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. And the colours are great!

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