10 Nail Colours That You're Going to See Everywhere This Spring

Shades for (sunny) days πŸ’…πŸ½

Spring is in the air, which is great because sunshine, but it does pose a beauty dilemma: which nail colours should we be wearing?

We’ve got you, fam. Here are 10 shades that are going to dominate the season and deserve a spot in your nail polish collection – stat!

1. Warm Yellows

This bright, happy colour matches the sunshine we’ll be experiencing during the season and makes for a cheerful mani.

2. Milky Lilacs

Why go standard purple when you can go pastel? This shade is subdued but still adds the ‘wow’ factor to any look.

3. Vibrant Corals

In preparation for all the time we’ll be spending on the beach, stock up on coral shades to see you through the sunny months.

4. Salmon Pinks

Want something less flashy but still on trend? Then say hello to salmon pink – the subtle shade that still makes an impact.

5. Sky Blues

Finally, the sky isn’t grey anymore! And taking inspiration from Mother Nature for your nail shade is always a good idea.

6. Bubblegum Pinks

For a fun, girly look that screams ‘happy’, bright bubblegum pink is a win for manis and pedis.

7. Bright Berries

If you prefer your pinks to be a bit more sophisticated, then fresh berry tones are an on-trend alternative to lighter shades.

8. Shimmery Gems

Everyone loves a bit of shimmer, and with gemstones being ALL the rage, it’s time your nails resemble them too.

9. Basic Beiges

Sometimes you want a more neutral finish on your nails, so isn’t it lucky that beige happens to be trending this season too?

10. Classic Reds

You can’t go wrong with a classic red, whatever the season because it flatters any outfit and all skin tones if you find your perfect match.

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