Why You Should Start Wearing Clip-On Extensions Instead of Sew-Ins

They’re surprisingly more cost-effective…

It’s time for us to start taking care of our roots. Yes, we’ve reminded you countless times of the often ignored negatives that come along with luscious sew-in weaves, so we won’t reiterate those again. But what we will do is give you an alternative to this popular weave type – clip-ons or clip-ins.

clip-in hair extensions black model


Why we love them?

1. They won’t to the thinning of your hair; commonly known as traction alopecia, which is often linked to sewn-in or glued-in extensions. Clip-ons won’t tug at your scalp as sew-in extensions usually do. These are simply applied to the upper sections of your hair to provide length and fullness without causing any long-term damage.



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2. They’re non-permanent, which means you can apply and remove them daily. The benefit of this is that you can change hairstyles overnight if you want to, as well as mix and match different hair fibres and lengths.

3. They’re pain-free! Yes, no more sleepless nights caused by those post-sew-in migraines.

4. They can look like your natural hair. Overall, their purpose is to sustain your hair’s natural appearance by blending in with your real locks.

5. They’re easy to put in. You can literally do them at home by yourself, which makes them incredibly cost-effective.

clip in extensions


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