Why You Need to Follow This Beauty Vlogger

This beauty vlogger is a pretty big deal.

Deepica Mutyala… Name doesn’t sound familiar? Well, she’s a pretty big deal in the beauty video-blogging world – so popular even Vogue, Dailymail, US magazine, Hello magazine and Buzzfeed know her name and continue to popularise some of her creative beauty tricks. Here’s why your should keep an eye out for her.

Claim to fame?

Her red-lipstick concealer hack. Yip, she’s the original girl who came up with that skin-neutralising trick, posting it on YouTube and literally changing lives in the process. The video, which she posted in January, has already generated close to six-million views.

deepica mutyala red lipstick


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If you read our article on colour-correcting concealer wheels, you’ll know that orange colour-correcting concealers help neutralise dark under-eye circles so once a skin-toned concealer or foundation is applied over the neutraliser, your dark circles vanish completely.

For those who haven’t seen her now-viral video, Deepica illustrates how lipstick can actually be used as a neutraliser – orange lip shades for dark skin with yellow undertones, and red lip shades for dark skin with red undertones. Simply swipe it over the area, apply concealer and just let it work its magic.


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