What Your Lipstick Shape Says About You

Find out what your lipstick shape says about you…

Quickly, let’s do a really random test…

Dig around your handbag or makeup bag and put all your lipsticks aside. Open all of them and look at the tips. Are they all perfectly rounded? Slanted? Concave? Or perhaps flat? Well, according to a poll by Good Housekeeping US, your signature lipstick shape reveals quite a bit about your personality.

To find out what your lipstick says about you, simply scroll down…

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If your lipstick edges are rounded and even, it’s a sign that you find comfort in harmony. You’re a perfectionist, don’t deny it, and not fond of pushing boundaries or breaking rules. In other words, you’ve probably never received a speeding ticket in your life.




If your lipstick is ‘dented’ in the centre, you’re pretty much the epitome of YOLO. You’re a risk taker, a go-getter and care very little about norms. That’s what makes you so special – your fearless spirit is different; you’re a non-conformist and are simply yourself.

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If your lipstick is more or less in the same shape it was when you got it, you’re someone who always follows the rules. Don’t stress, it’s not something to be embarrassed about. This trait will get you far in your profession. But a slanted tip also suggests that you take people’s perceptions to heart and is sensitive to being judged, which is why every single detail, right down to the shape of your lipstick, matters. Everything has to be ‘good’ or ‘neat’. It’s an insecurity thing, but you’re working on it.




You’re blunt, you’re a boss and intelligent to boot. You openly express your opinions and if anyone disagrees, well, so be it. You’re that friend everyone’s jealous of for three reasons: (1) your obvious self-confidence;  (2) your wit and sense of humour; and (3) your IDGAF attitude.

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