What Your Beauty Routine Says About Your Personality

Are you a playful risk taker, a health-freak or an all-round perfectionist?

According to psychologist Dr Vivian Diller at Byrdie.co.uk, your morning beauty regime can reveal lots about you. Are you a playful risk-taker, a health freak or an all-round perfectionist? Scroll down to find out.

1 If you’re a ‘beauty chameleon’…

  • You’re a risk-taker.
  • You find hair and makeup inspiration from celeb and beauty Instagram feeds.
  • You frequently change your style.
  • You have a fun approach to beauty – experimenting and playing around with different makeup and hair looks.
  • The downside of this? You’ve never really identified or settled on your own personal style, which may reflect that you don’t ‘really know who you are’.

2 If you’re a ‘skin obsessive’…

  • You’re probably someone who suffered from bad skin in your youth, which has led to your current skincare obsession. Because of this, you’ve probably become a health-freak too – as you’re now incredibly cautious about the foods you consume and how they may affect the appearance of your skin.
  • Makeup is not a huge priority for you – if your skin is glowing like Lupita’s, you’re sorted.
  • Looks aren’t everything to you – you consider ‘intelligence and personality’ as traits that’ll take you far in life.

3 If you’re a ‘basic beauty’…

  • You could be truly confident in who you are.
  • Makeup isn’t a priority – you see no point in enhancing your looks with hundreds of products, because you know you slay naturally without all of that.
  • But, says Dr Vivian Diller, loving a ‘basic beauty’ routine may also indicate someone who has ‘given up on her looks because of a lack of self-esteem’.
  • Your beauty routine consists of grabbing and applying anything within reach.
  • You’re a fan of basic, multipurpose beauty buys, such as BB creams.

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4 If you’re a ‘beauty enthusiast’…

  • You’re that girl who sets her cellphone alarm extra early so you have enough time to style your makeup and hair every morning.
  • You probably have the biggest makeup collection of all your friends.
  • You’re a perfectionist, ‘who likes to be in control’ – this applies to your appearance, career and your overall approach to life.
  • You become demotivated when plans don’t go your way, but you always find a plan B or a solution that turns things around.

5 If you’re a ‘pampered beauty’

  • You’re someone who doesn’t have time to do her makeup or hair in the morning, so you rely on others to do it for you.
  • You have your hair and nails touched up every week and you have your makeup done for parties and special occasions.
  • Stress and limited time because of your demanding career or kids may be the reason why you regularly book manis, pedis, facials and hair appointments.
  • Most of the time, you choose to have others pamper you as a treat for all your hard work as well as the great amount of success you’ve achieved in your career. If your bank account can afford all these pamper sessions, why not spoil yourself?

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