What Does Your Hair Say About You?

Check out what your hair personality is!

Our hair can speak volumes about our personality, right from our choice in hair colour to the haircut. Find out below what your hair could be saying about you, and whether this actually matches up with how you perceive your glamorous self to be.

Unfortunately, people do believe the blonde jokes. So you have to work extra hard to show your intelligent side. However, you are perceived as the sexiest hair colour for men and that you have the most fun!

You’re seen as attractive AND smart. Research by scientists at the University of Westminster sent blondes, brunettes into nightclubs and recorded the amount of guys who hit on them. Then they asked the guys to rate their attractiveness and intelligence. Brunettes came top of the leader board but came second in the pick-up-race as men thought you were too intelligent to fall for the usual pick up lines.

Red head
You’re perceived as being feisty but creative. You tend to exhibit more passion and explosive behaviour. Your hair colour is often described as very seductive and outspoken! You’re definitely CEO material!

You’re considered to be experts in finance and very deep. You can come across quite mysterious and often creative! A winning mix!

Short hair can be seen as confident, strong and more adventurous, definitely, as you’ve taken a risk and chosen to cut off almost all of your hair. It shows you don’t necessarily feel the need to hide behind your hair and you’re confident in your skin. Go you!

In a survey by Pantene, the highest percentage of men found long hair to be the sexiest. Long hair is the often associated with sex appeal. Sometimes long hair can also be used as a security blanket, and girls with less confidence opt to hide behind their long hair.

Women with curly, unruly hair can often be perceived as being fun, experimental, artistic and definitely carefree

You’re seen as serious, professional and more put together. But be careful not to be too eager with the ghd as sometimes it can come across as being too harsh and can be quite severe.