Unique Eyeliners to Try For A Friday Night Out!

It’s time to think outside the box!

 1) The catwalk line. So simple, so different!

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2) Perfect for almond-shaped eyes. 

3) A new and innovative take on the Cleopatra eye.


4) Obsessed with this simple rendition of the cat eye! Perfect for any eye shape.

5) Variations of the classic cat eye. Go wild!


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6) A unique way of attracting attention to your eyes using a simple dot. This is definitely for the more adventurous. 

7) This might take a few tries to get right, but once you’ve got it down to a fine art we know it’ll look ah-mazing!

8) A nice way of combining a cat eye and a smokey eye. Tracing the area where you’d normally place the darker eye shadow, with eyliner instead. 

9) OMG. Speechless. We’re obsessed!

10) A simple addition of one extra joint line to a cat eye completely reinvents this look!


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