All Your Underwear Questions Answered

The right underwear will give you license to wear just about anything

No one likes visible panty lines while working out at the gym or back cleavage in that backless party dress. But the right underwear will give you license to wear just about anything by accentuating your figure to its best advantage. Here, all your aching questions are answered.

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Question: What bottoms should be worn under workout clothes?

Answer: Let’s be honest, not only are we trying to get a workout but you are in a public place, sweating and grunting, makeup running down our face. Looking out of breath doesn’t suit everyone, so the last thing you want, is to worry about your bits bulging. The most common solution is to wear a thong right? Wrong. Many girls struggle to wear thongs, they can be very uncomfortable. Try invisible hipster briefs or seamless brazilians, these will hide any panty lines and avoid any creeping that most underwear would do while being active.
Try Woolworths Seamless Brazilians, R140

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Question: What is the best bra to avoid that back-fat bulge?

Answer: Don’t be a boob and buy an ill-fitting bra, just because you insist on being a B cup, when really you are a full C, or you in denial about the fact that maybe you are a 36 wide. All these factors are essential when trying to avoid that back cleavage. Opt for a soft t-shirt or strapless bra, one that has a higher back and side panels, which smooths your figure and gives you a sleek silhouette.
Try Penelope padded strapless bra by Agent Provocateur, R629 available at superbalist.com

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Question: What underwear to wear with sheer clothing?

Answer: Sheer/lacy underwear + sheer/lacy clothing = nude bits. It’s a pretty simple rule, but unless you’re going for that Rihanna red carpet look then here’s what to do. If you are wearing a sheer shirt, invest in a pretty bralett, or even your favourite bikini top. Avoid push up bras, it can be overwhelming to see bulging boobs through a sheer top. As for the bottom, if you are daring enough to sport a sheer dress and willing to go without a slip, put those spanx to use and opt for a high-waisted, body hugging black panty. The high waist will make your body appear more covered and elongates your torso.
Try Witchery Mesh Triangle Bra R699 and Marks & Spencer High Waist Brief, R250 available at Woolworths

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Question: What to wear with that lacy bodysuit?

Answer: You always remembered your mom wearing those camisoles and bodysuits under her dresses and never thought that you’d want to wear one, but they can look pretty and feminine worn with the right garment. A slip dress, or shift dress is the perfect outfit for your bodysuit, make sure the dress is loose-fitting. If your bodysuit is not too lacy, pair it with a sexy pencil or maxi skirt for that sexy, ready for bed look.
Try Triumph Shape wear Minimizer Bodysuit, R499.95 and Witchery Lace Cami, R649

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