Thongs Are Dead: Shop the Sexiest Full Knickers Now

Thongs are dead. There, we’ve said it.

Thongs are dead. There, we’ve said it. But that doesn’t mean that full briefs aren’t sexy – comfy can be sexy. Recent stats have shown that Millennial ladies love a little more coverage – and that’s why we’ve searched all over for the sexiest full briefs that you can shop right now.

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1. R35,99, MRP

2. R35,99, MRP

3. R35,99, MRP

4. R35,99, MRP

5. R59,99, MRP

6. R120, Woolworths

7. R299, Bluebella

8. R349, Bluebella

9. R349, Bluebella

10. R349, Bluebella

11. R349, Bluebella

12. R599, L’Agent by Agent Provocateur

13. R299, Maaji

14. R479, L’Agent by Agent Provocateur

15. R89, Marie Meili

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