This Sexy Braid Will be Your New Favourite Hairstyle

Let this be your new go-to ‘do.

If you’re into Khaleesi’s braids on Game of Thrones, then this inverted French braid will be right up your alley. Hair pro Tommy Buckett tells Cosmopolitan.com exactly how to do a Dutch braid.

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1. Tease the section of hair along your hairline. MJ Barton, model and co-owner of jewelry line Electric Picks, used a comb to create texture.

2. Begin braiding. Starting at the centre of your hairline, grab three sections of hair. Braid them underneath one another instead of over, like you would with a French braid. This is what makes the braid pop off your head, making it look 3-D.

3. Keep braiding down the back of your head, drawing in more hair from the sides as you go down and pulling the pieces tightly so the braid really pops.

4. Pull your plait over your shoulder so it’s easier to braid down to the ends.

5. Loop a hair elastic at the end and wrap a sliver of hair around the elastic band for a polished finish. Keep the sliver of hair in place by slipping a bobby pin along the back of the braid and into the hair tie.

6. Pull gently on a few pieces of the braid to build even more volume and then pose, because girl, your braid is done!

Finish with hairspray to keep your style in place, take a selfie, and then pin, Instagram, and tweet out your sexy new ‘do.

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