The Beauty Trends in 2017 that Made Us Say 'Please Stop'

Get ready to cringe 🙈

Weird beauty trends are something we all love to hate. That’s why we’ve put together the most cringe-worthy of 2017 for your scrolling pleasure. You’re welcome!

1  Lollipop Lips

This look, which was popularised on the runways during the course of this year, is meant to look as though you were eating a lolly and it smeared all around your mouth area. Dubbed ‘lollipop lips’, this trend was meant to be almost child-like, imperfect and raw. It’s going to be a no from us too.

2 Glitter Roots

Yes, we KNOW that unicorns, fairies and magic are great and all, but this hair trend raises some practicality issues. One being how comfortable this even is to wear (itchy much?) and, secondly, how on EARTH do you get all the glitter out afterwards. You probably won’t, and just end up all sparkly forever.

3 All the Eyebrows

Eyebrows were having a moment this year, meaning that people couldn’t just let them look normal. What started with feather brows moved swiftly along to the barbed wire variety and then hit an all-time low with squiggle brows. None of them were flattering but they all got plenty of attention. Enough already!

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4 The KFC Bath Bomb

Fortunately, this was only part of a marketing campaign. Nevertheless, one hundred of these bad boys were produced and sold in Japan so that true fans of this controversial chicken brand could pop one in the bath and use it. All we can say is thank god for the lack of public demand in SA!

5 Fidget Spinner Invasion

Some of the COSMO team bought some fidget spinners which kept them entertained for a solid week. But never for a second did we think it had any uses other than being a fun, distracting toy. Using it to apply make-up or to curl your hair? So unnecessary (and probably so painful, too).

6 Holographic Hair

Not so much weird as it was different, holographic hair was something that totally took our breath away this year. And for the right reasons this time, too. Platinum silver-blonde was given subtle pastel highlights in just the right places so that it looked like the hair was catching the light. So perfect!

7 Nose-hair Extensions

We’re not sure that we would call this a ‘trend’ as much as it was a silly thing a few people did for fun and attention on social media. It worked, and they received many views because, much like a car crash, people just couldn’t look away. The next beauty experiment should be to see if those who put these on would go for a walk in public with them.

8 Bubble Face Masks

This year saw bubble masks being the new go-to skincare product and not JUST because of the benefits for your skin. It was also partly because people wanted to take videos and pictures of themselves looking like some kind of swollen, mouldy alien to put on social media. We have no doubt this helped these products fly off the shelves.

9 Fake Freckles

Whether they were in the form of colourful or sparkly sticks, were drawn on with make-up or, in some drastic cases, tattooed PERMANENTLY on to people’s faces – freckles were huge this year. We love that those with the natural variety can now let them shine but fake ones? The jury is still out.

10 Squiggle Lips

It was bound to happen. Once people started getting tired of the squiggly brow, this trend moved south and settle on the lips. The horror! Fortunately this fad was short-lived and was so niche that I didn’t have the misfortune of spotting someone wearing it in the real world. Social media is where it belongs.

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