We’re sorry!

On Tuesday last week (5 May 2015), COSMO posted an article on our website which focused on ‘style-spotting’ at AfrikaBurn, held the weekend before.

We did not have media accreditation to do so and when organisers notified us of this, we immediately apologised, deleted the post and all social media linking to it. There was a technical glitch over the weekend but our digital team has checked again and assure us that it’s no longer live.

We want to apologise to those offended by this post. The writer was not commissioned to go to the festival on behalf of COSMOPOLITAN but was there in her personal capacity. When she came back she was feeling so inspired that she wanted to share her experience with our community. We thought this was a nice idea. But, without accreditation, we shouldn’t have made it live. Please trust that this was an honest oversight and not carried out to cause harm.

In the gifting spirit that is so much a part of AfrikaBurn, we will be making a donation for every click the post received. We are teaming up with AB organisers and Pedals For Peace, and will ensure good comes from this negative experience.

Wishing you a beautiful week,

Cathy Lund

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