South African Natural Hair Brands You Should Try

Public service announcement to all my naturalistas!

Over the years South African women have taken the decision to be innovative and create haircare products for the the African woman’s hair. It’s so refreshing and lovely to see black women entering the beauty space to create products for us.

Each brand has created budget-friendly products that add definition and moisture to your coils without drying them out. Whether you’ve just gone natural or you’ve always been a natural girl, these South African natural haircare brands are totally worth checking out!

My Natural Hair

These hair products are free from harsh ingredients such as sulfates, paragons and petroleum. The products can be used on natural hair, braids and wigs to keep those curls well moisturised and nourished.


AfroBotanics is a South African owned brand by entrepreneur Ntombenhle Khathwane. The brand creates products specifically designed to treat dry and damaged hair. The products moisturise, soften, de-tangle and condition curly and kinky hair.

The Perfect Hair

Founded by Taryn Gill, The Perfect Hair is a natural hair brand that has products that focus on different textures of natural hair. There are three different types of ranges from the brand with each range focusing on specific hair needs.

The ranges are The Perfect Wave a range is for girls with loose or mixed curl pattern. The products help deliver moisture to your hair and keep the ph levels of your hair in balance. While The Perfect Curl range delivers internal moisturisation for curl definition, shine and protection against frizz. And The Perfect Kinky Coil is for tightly curled hair designed to help provide intensive moisture levels.

Black Pearl by Pearl Thusi

Pearl Thusi is known for her lavish mane which explains why she launched a hair range to help us all achieve good hair. The Black Pearl Collection is a collaboration with AfroBotanics and has products that cater to the needs of natural and relaxed hair.

Most of the products are formulated mainly with natural ingredients that are made to enhance and lock moisture in hair while also protecting it from breakage and dryness.

BLACK PEARL HAIR… available at Pick n Pay, Game & Clicks stores nationwide! 💛⚫️💛

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