The Smart LED Nail – a Press-On Nail that Lights Up With Your Phone!

Forget glitter and sparkles – Japanese mani enthusiasts have taken nail art to the next level with the smart NFC nail (the Near Field Communication nail). This atypical press-on nail lights up when NFC radio waves travel past your hands, be it when you’re walking through an automatic metro ticket-reader or while having a fat chat with your best friend on an NFC-enabled smartphone (such as a Samsung or a Sony Xperia). This means that the nail’s LED operates without any batteries or any power source. Insane.

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Japanese toy company Takara Tomy Arts currently sells a range of press-on nails with distinct colours and designs. Once purchased, you can actually reprogram the nail’s LED function to your preference, so you can choose when it lights up with your phone. The nails are now compatible with both iOS and Android systems, so you can download its corresponding app and configure its settings easily.



NailCandi is currently selling the NFC Nail, an LED that comes in a sticker form, which you paste on your bare nail and then conceal it with your chosen gel polish. With the NFC Nail, your mani will flicker automatically every time you pick up your phone or answer a call.



Our minds have officially been blown.

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