Skin Care Tips for the Lazy Girl

Some hassle-free skin care tips for all you lazies out there.

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In between studies, work, hanging with the squad, gym and binge watching Netflix, your time is pretty precious. Who needs a skin care routine that takes hours, right? But trust us, taking care of your skin doesn’t have to be a schlep. Use Environ’s list of quick tips to ensure that you get the most out of it, with the least amount of effort.


Potions you got back in high school. No-name-brand serums you were (re)gifted by distant relatives many Christmases ago. Cheap and nasty stuff you swore by when times were tough… Girl, GET RID of the products you’re not using.

Clearing unused products from your shelf means that you’ll never reach for the incorrect one again. Ditto for wasting time trying to figure out which product should be used when. You’ll also avoid using products that have passed their use-by dates, along with their nasty rash, blemish and irritation causing bacteria.

Spring clean your beauty product, fam!


Moisturising is so important, and using a moisturiser enriched with vitamin A is first prize!

Vitamin A is the total KWEEN of skin care ingredients, and Environ prides itself on using this tiny miracle in its range of moisturisers. We LOVE Environ’s Debut Moisturiser from the Original Range – and if you’re clever about your skin, you’ll add Alpha Day Lotion too. With an SPF of 15, it contains a combination of moisturisers, sunscreens and reflectors that help to protect skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Vitamin A is the Chocolate to Your Skin's Red Wine!
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Ensure that you remove the day’s dirt and cleanse your face before going to bed. You might not be able to see or feel it, but by the end of the day your skin is covered in bacteria that can clog pores. BTW, it’s these little tykes that contribute to those “overnight” breakouts we all hate so much.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – Environ’s β-Active Sebuwash or Original Foaming Gel Cleanser are truly the business.  If you cleanse properly, your skin will be less problematic and more radiant. Simple.

Environ β-Active range
β-Active is B-eautiful!


For beautiful, glowing skin ensure that you drink enough water on a daily basis. This will keep your skin constantly hydrated so that it can function at its optimum. By doing this, skin cells (made mostly from water) are less likely to become damaged. This is because water assists in flushing harmful toxins from your skin and body. Snaps for water, right?


Getting the recommended 6–8 hours a night allows your body to revitalise skin through a process called microcirculation. For the technical explanation: while you’re resting your body circulates more blood and oxygen to your skin, repairing damage and building necessary cells. For the not-so-technical explanation: getting enough sleep prevents puffy eyes, dark circles and dull, sleep-deprived skin.

Sleeping is also just plain A-mazing.

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While your skin goes through microcirculation, allow overnight products to further revive skin. They’re ideal as you only have to open, apply and rinse the following morning. Plus, they feel kinda glamourous.

Environ’s Original Balancing Masque is a winner. It can be left on for a minimum of 10-20 minutes, or applied over your recommended Environ vitamin A moisturiser and left on overnight for an enhanced moisturising and soothing effect.

Environ Original Balancing Masque


Cotton pillowcases tend to absorb germs, dirt and moisture from your skin. That’s gross.

Over time this builds up and clings to your skin, clogging pores. That’s even more gross.

As a result, this can cause breakouts. That is the grossest.

This is all easily remedied by purchasing a satin pillow case. So just do it.


 A variation of this article was originally published by Environ.

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