SALES HOUND: the Hairbrush For Your Hair Needs

We’re covering it all – from middle-partings to natural hair.

Using the correct hairbrush is super-important if you want to meet your hair desires. Whether you’re trying to attain the perfect middle-parting or you’re all for a big, wild blow-out, using the correct brush is the first step to perfectly styled hair.

For Wet Hair

Contrary to popular belief, brushing wet hair isn’t the absolute worst thing you can do to your strands. If your hair tangles easily, it is better to brush your hair while wet than to struggle with dreadlocked knots of dry hair. To brush your wet hair (and keep it), you need to use a brush with flexible bristles. This will allow the brush to bend with the knots of your hair as you brush them out (instead of harshly pulling them apart).

wet hair


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For a Perfect Parting 

To perfect a parting, use a fine-toothed comb that has a plastic rat-tail. The thin, pointed end helps to create the parting and get every strand in line. The fine teeth of the comb are perfect for flattening and taming stragglers.



For a Blow-Out 

A round brush with nylon bristles is the tool to use to mimic a blow-out. This brush adds volume and gives a nice curl at the end of the hair.



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For Natural Hair 

Use a stiff, wide-toothed comb. This is the best tool for detangling hair while still retaining the shape (curliness) of your locks.



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