Recreate Our Glitter Tip Mani

Follow our easy step by step guide on how to achieve our glitter tip mani.

For our galaxy glitter mani, you’ll need:

The usual supplies: nail polish remover, cotton wool, cuticle oil, base and top coats

Two purple polishes (one needs to be glitter for the tip)

Thin nail strips (You can use any colourful tape and cut into thin strips) Scissors

Step One: File your nails into the desired shape, push back your cuticles — DO NOT CUT THEM! — and apply a base coat.

Step Two: Paint your nails in your non-glittery, purple nail polish. Do two coats and leave to dry.

glitter step 1

Step Three: Using your glittery polish, carefully paint the tips of all your nails, with light even strokes.

glitter step 2

Step Four: Cut your thin strips to the size of each nail and carefully place across the nail where the glitter polish meets the purple polish.

glitter step 4

Step Five: Repeat this step on all of your nails.

glitter step 5

Step Six: Finish with a generous layer of top coat to make sure the thin strip is sealed down.

step 6

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