This Portable Mobile Charger Will Ensure You Never Miss Another Photo Opportunity

Take charge of your summer with CHARGA.

Summer is here and we can practically smell the coconut suntan lotion… or is that a piña colada? Either way, we’re pumped! So, what’s the perfect accessory that goes with pool parties, strappy sandals and Spielberg-level fun? Nope, not a hot new bae, but good guess. And it’s not a fresh pair of shades, a skimpy new bikini or even a cocktail umbrella either. Actually, we’ll just tell you: it’s the proudly South African mobile charger, CHARGA!

Never Miss a Selfie Again

No longer do you have to suffer the agony of letting a lit selfie moment pass because your phone is flat, or miss a call from bae because you forgot to plug in your charger. All you need to do is plug your CHARGA in your phone’s charging port, and watch the energy bar shoot up.

Small and sleek, this little device packs a serious punch when it comes to giving life to a flat phone, giving you up to 4 hours talk time. And it’s rechargeable, meaning you can stay connected all summer long.

You’re in CHARGA

CHARGA is power in your pocket. Don’t ruin your skinny jeans with a bulky bulge, CHARGA is compact enough to fit into any body-bag, giving your phone juice wherever you go.

Plus, it can help keep you safe this silly season. “No charge” is great to hear when it’s free lattes from the cute barista, but not so much when you’re stuck in a scary place and your phone is flat. A CHARGA on hand means you’ll never be unable to phone a friend or call an Uber.

More Power to You

Now all that’s left for you is to pick your CHARGA, black for Android or white for iPhone. Stay safe, look fab and have fun all summer long with your new accessory.

To find out how to #PowerUp visit charga.co.za, contact them at

Email: Sales@charga.co.za

Tel: 010 005 5510 or connect with CHARGA on social media:

Facebook: @mycharga

Twitter: @mycharga

Instagram: @mycharga

This post was sponsored by CHARGA.

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