Our World Cup Inspired Mani Monday!

Germany Vs Argentina!

In spirit of the World Cup, we decided to design our manis around the world cup final game – Germany Vs Argentina. Which one is your fave mani? Here’s how to get both looks:


Step 1: Paint nails in a shade of yellow. Do two coats to make sure the colour is strong. Leave to dry.

Step 2: Using your striper brush, draw two stripes on each nail, alternating the direction on each nail. We then mirrored this for our other hand

Step 3: Using the same striper brush, clean off the black nail polish and dip into red. Now paint two lines in the opposite direction to the black lines.

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Step 4: Seal with a top coat


Step 1: Paint nails in a powder blue colour. Do two coats to make sure it’s an even base colour.

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Step 2: Using your striper brush, take your white nail polish and mark out a V-shape at the tip of your nail and fill in with white. 

Step 3: Finish with a top coat.

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