Insta-Makeovers are Next-Level Makeup Trickery

It’s like real-life Photoshop!

Unless you’ve been MIA on Instagram for the past year and a half, you’re probably very familiar with Instagram makeover pictorials (pictures + tutorials). And no, we’re not referring to those makeup-transformation posts that trended on Twitter for an entire week and had us rolling on the floor…

A little throwback for the day:


What we ARE referring to is actual makeup transformations by both amateur and non-amateur artists. These often leave you in a state of awe or have you doing triple takes, questioning your crappy makeup skills. They pretty much blow your mind, as you see these artists and vloggers effortlessly showcase makeup techniques that aren’t exactly a walk in the park.

See for yourself!

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1 Desire more defined cheekbones? Forget fillers! Buy the right makeup, adopt the right skills and you’ll be able to draw them in.



2 We double-taked so hard, we think we have whiplash. This guy just put everyone’s makeup skills to shame! He’s so good, his ‘after’ image looks like it went through Photoshop.



3 This is makeup trickery at its finest. Contour correctly and you can get your dream nose with no post-op pain involved. She literally went from ordinary girl to a long-lost Kardashian sister in minutes.



Wait, there’s another one!



4 Forget big bootys – big lips are a big trend. You don’t need to be naturally blessed with pouty lips or pay for collagen any more –if you want fuller lips, just draw them!



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