#OwnYourCrown: 'No-one Should Have an Opinion on a Woman's Hair but the Woman Wearing it'


In the October issue of COSMO, we talk to five local influencers about their personal hair journey. Fashion and creative director Bee Diamondhead talks about her experiences shaped her and the relationship she has with her crowning glory.

What were some distinctive hair experiences you had growing up? How have they influenced how you perceive  your hair now?

Since I was a child, getting my hair done was always something to look forward to. I remember someone in my family (no names mentioned) cut my hair because they thought having it would distract me at school – imagine! Yes, it was luscious and gorgeous and I was feeling myself … but still. That memory has always hurt me.

Photo Credit: Aart Verrips.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your teenage self about your hair?

Take extra care of it. Learn what works for you. Have fun. It’s not that serious.

What’s your go-to hair product?

I recently started washing my hair with black soap that I bought in Ghana. My hair has become thicker and more coarse. It’s as if it’s going back to its natural state, before all the ‘treatments’. I’m obsessed with it. I also base it with black castor oil and shea butter. No shampoo. Just a co-wash at my salon – they specialise in my type of hair. That’s so important. I owe Mmuja Healthy Hair so much.

Do you have any hair-disaster stories to share?

My hair was relaxed and I decided to go ash blonde. It fell out in clumps. I am never relaxing or peroxiding my natural hair again. That’s a promise I made to myself that morning when I watched my entire head of hair float down the drain.

What is your attitude towards society’s continual bias against black women’s hair, particularly in the professional realm?

No-one should have an opinion on a woman’s hair but the woman wearing it. If you are old enough to decide what happens on your head, no-one should be allowed to say otherwise. Enough is enough!

Photo Credit: Aart Verrips.

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