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COSMO reveals the details on laser hair removal, courtesy of Beauty Ed Juana Parathyrus


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Beauty Ed Juana Parathyrus reveals: “It was in a moment of excruciating pain during a bikini wax, just before jetting off to our #COSMOSummer shoots in Zanzibar, that it was decided: no more waxing, and bring on the laser.”

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Now, laser hair removal can be an expensive little venture and requires a bit of research into the what, how, when and where… So we decided to seek out the help of pros at the much-loved and trusted Kinetic Contours Skin & Body Clinic in Cape Town.


What is Laser Hair Removal? 

It is the process of removing unwanted hair with pulses of highly concentrated light that creates heat and then destroys the hair follicle.

What makes this so effective? The laser is drawn to dark pigments (i.e., the melanin in hair follicles) and will only heat and destroy what it is drawn to, not affecting the surrounding skin, explains Linda, owner of Kinetic Contours.

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Is it permanent?

This might be a strange question, but worth mentioning. It cannot be claimed that laser permanently removes 100% of unwanted hair, but it can hugely reduce the amount of coarse dark hair. Finer and light-coloured hair will remain.

How many treatments do I need? 

You can expect to go between six to eight treatments, but the number of treatments really depends on the type of hair, where the hair is on the body and also in what growth phase the hair is in:

1. Anagen Phase – this is the active growth phase and the optimum phase for the laser to be most effective, thanks to the abundance of melanin found in the hair.

2. Catahgen Phase – this is the regression phase when the hair stops growing.

3. Telogen Phase – the hair falls out and the follicle prepares for a new hair to grow.


How often do I need to go for a treatment? 

Because your hair grows in cycles, and due to the length of these cycles, you would need to have a treatment once every four to eight weeks.


How much will it cost?

This also really depends on the clinic, the area and the size of the area that you would like to have lasered. We suggest that you get quotes from a few clinics and then compare them to find one that best suits your pocket.


Lastly, does it hurt? 

For me, personally, it’s much more bearable than waxing. The only way to describe the feeling is something akin to tiny little rubber bands flicking your skin.


For more details visit their website http://www.kineticcontours.co.za/ or give them a call on 021 462 3004.



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