How You Can Exercise without Sweating out Your Edges

No excuses!

Say goodbye to your ‘I can’t work out ’cause I’ll sweat out my edges’ excuse – black girls can still achieve their snatched summer body goals while keeping their hair intact. You’re probably thinking there’s absolutely no way you can exercise and avoid sweat ruining your laid edges, cornrows or weave installation, but you can.

As a black woman myself, I know how paramount it is to maintain one’s laid edges. With the tips and product recommendations below, this year there will be no more excuses for not going to the gym because of your hair, ladies! #BlackGirlMagic

How to avoid sweating out your roots

Whether your hair is newly straightened or you have a sew-in, before your workout, spray a bit of dry shampoo on your roots. Dry shampoo such as Moroccanoil’s works to absorb and decrease excess oils and moisture. Following this, wrap and pin-curl hair to preserve your style.


If your fresh ’do is too tight

First and foremost, you need to tell your stylist to STOP! As soon as you feel they’re pulling your hair too tightly while braiding or laying a weave, ask them to loosen it. Your edges will thank you later for speaking up and saving them from possible traction alopecia. If you find yourself losing sleep and suffering from agonising headaches, try applying a tension spray or scalp soother such as Dark and Lovely Braids ‘n Weaves Scalp Soother to help ease the pain. If that doesn’t work, save your hairline and just take the style out.



How to still slay while working out

Who says you can’t slay and look cute at the gym? There are loads of different styles you can try other than tying hair up in a ponytail and wrapping it with a chic printed scarf. I like to put my hair in a stylish bun: I part my hair in the middle, then twist the two sections. You can also try doing a low French braid or crown braid; these two styles never disappoint.



How to prevent your hair from smelling nasty

It’s completely understandable that after spending all that time and money getting your new bundles installed, you don’t want to go to the musty-smelling gym and have that stench seep into your tresses. With a spritz of mist, your hair will be refreshed. Try the Narciso Rodriguez For Her Hair Fragrance.



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