How To Work The Topknot Trend

The topknot is the perfect up-do to keep your hair sweat-free and looking glamorous this summer

Here are three different ways to wear a topknot:

High and chic
Flip your head upside down and blow dry wet hair while running a bristle brush through your hair to create texture and volume. Once dry, gather all hair into a high ponytail on the crown of your head and secure with an elastic band. Next, spray the ends of your hair with a dry shampoo and tease. Then loosely wrap your hair around the elastic into a bun and secure with pins.
We suggest using: Batiste Dry Shampoo Big & Bouncy XXL Volume

Sleek and polished
Use the same prepping steps as before, gather hair into a high ponytail just below the crown this time and secure with an elastic band. Use a bun donut to create your neat bun and spray with a holding/fixing hairspray to eliminate any flyaways.
We suggest using: TONI&GUY Firm Hold Spray

Loose and messy
With this look, texture is key. Apply a thickening spray to your hair, scrunching it up as you blow-dry (alternatively you could use a dry shampoo if you do not want to wash your hair). Take all your hair, twist it around into a messy knot and secure with pins where it needs to be flattened. For an even messier look, you can then start to pull pieces of your hair out of the bun to give it that ultra-messy-yet-chic look!
We suggest using: TONI&GUY Sea Salt Texturising Spray