How to Wear Glitter Like A Grown Woman

Don’t ever think that you’re too old to rock the glitter trend. Here is how you can not only wear it, but look super chic and sophisticated.

Glitter is often associated with things like mermaids and unicorns (which is kinda fabulous), but you’re about to find out how to slay in this trend while keeping it chic and ultra glam.

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Nine Killer Ways To Pull Off Glitter Like A Lady

1. Vamp up your outfit by accessorising with a statement purse, clutch or bag that gives that something extra with a little glitz.


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2. Live like a modern day Cinderella by pairing your look with a pair of sparkling sneaks.


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3. A subtle and feminine way to incorporate this trend to your wardrobe is with glittering tights. They can be the perfect sidekick to almost any outfit and are a great way to accentuate your legs.


4. Phone covers are an easy way to flaunt this trend every single day and look absolutely fab.


5. Patchwork is the hottest addition to your jackets, jeans or tees right now. Throw a little sparkle in there and you’ve nailed the look.


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6. Not keen on actually wearing glitter? No Problem. Travel mugs are a super cute way to add a little glitz to your everyday schedule.


7. Oh My Glitter Socks! Is there anything more adorable?


8. If you love the trend and not only want it on your clothes and accessories, but actually on you, eye make-up is a chic and sophisticated way to dazzle.


9. Bodysuits are a super simple wardrobe piece. They go with any shorts, jeans or skirts – and if you still want to take it down a notch, throw on a blazer or fashionable knit.


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