How to Wake Up with the Best Hair Ever

Changing what you know about your hair and the term ‘bed head’.

Getting up in the mornings is hard enough, never mind having to clean up and get presentable. Effort! But hear this: the path to fabulous hair is easier than you think! Making small changes to your bedtime routine can help you to wake up with gorgeous, more manageable locks. We only wish we’d known this sooner!

Change your linen
The first step in making sure that your hair is in the best possible condition is to invest in some silk or satin pillowcases. Traditional cotton might feel great, but during your sleep the fibres can actually tug at your hair, leaving it in a knotty mess when you wake up (I speak from experience!). Bonus points: these pillowcases are known to be anti-ageing for skin as well!

Wrap it up
So the silk or silky pillowcase is doing its job – great! But you can even take it a step further and wrap your hair in a smooth headwrap or scarf to keep locks extra protected and in place as you toss and turn. Silk-lined caps and bonnets work well too, and they also help to retain essential moisture and combat split ends.

Feeling secure
Regardless of what hair texture you have, tying it back while you sleep can help a lot when it comes to styling it the next morning. For those with long hair, scraping it back into a high ponytail and then twirling it into a secure ballet bun will keep your hair reasonably neat. Cover it with a scarf or bonnet for extra protection.

Get it twisted
Braiding or twisting your hair is another way to protect your locks while you get your beauty sleep. Braids can, however, make some hair textures look crimped when they are taken out the next day. Dividing your hair into two sections on either side, as you would when making two ponytails, and then dividing those two sections in half again and twisting them together can make hair look perfectly tousled.

Sleep on it
If you’re planning on washing your hair in the morning, apply an overnight treatment on your locks the evening before. Whether it’s the store-bought variety or even just coconut oil, keeping it on overnight will give it plenty of time to really penetrate your strands and follicles so that your hair is healthy and hydrated and turns ALL the heads.


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