How to Get Emily Ratajkowski's Dewy-Makeup Look in Winter

Moisture balms, primers and highlighters are your go-tos .

The best way to get Emily Ratajkowski’s perfect dewy look is with a faux summer glow. This makes oil-neutralising moisture balms, primers and highlighters your go-tos.

1 Prep your face with the right products.

dewy dark skin


Oily skin
Choose products that’ll help control the amount of oil your skin produces. Use a mattifying moisturiser followed by a primer to neutralise the oil levels.

Dry skin
Create a natural glow by prepping skin with an illuminating moisturiser and a pearl-tinted primer. These will give your complexion a luminous appearance.

Combination skin
Prep with a moisturiser that has mattifying properties, then use a pearl-tinted primer.

2 Get your hands on liquid highlighter.

dewy skin


Its creamy texture gives a more natural-looking glow. Using your fingers, blend drop-sized amounts of highlighter above the apples of your cheeks, along your brow bones and on the bridge of your nose.

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3 Use a hydrating oil on your cheekbones

karlie kloss


After you’ve contoured the cheeks, pat a bit of oil directly on top of a cream blush. A mocha-coloured blush with some hydrating oil will leave you with gorgeous, lightly defined cheeks.

4 Lock in the moisture

jourdan dunn


Finishing spray provides added dewiness. We love sprays: they hydrate any areas that look dry because of foundation, and at the same time seal the makeup to ensure it doesn’t shift during the day.

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