Here’s What Guys Really Think About Your Lipstick!

Bright pink? Light pink? Nude? Read all about it —->

Our lip colour can provide a lot of information to the male of the species. Find out what your lipstick is saying about you!

The Classic Red
This lip colour says I’m confident, I’m daring and I’m not afraid to put myself out there! Guys like a confident woman, and this lipstick will definitely work to your advantage. Only downside? Men kissing you will leave them looking like a clown. But hey, who cares!

Guys say: ‘Red lipstick comes across as seductive and flirtatious, but could also make girls look like they’re trying too hard to get our attention.’

The Pink Lip
This shows that you’re still quite confident and like to be adventurous. You’re probably a lot of fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. A good way to go if a red lip isn’t really your thing but you still want a bold pop of colour! Just be careful what shade you choose, as the wrong shade can seem garish.

Guys say: ‘Bright pink can sometimes look tacky and cheap’

The Dark Lip
This shows guys you’re a risk taker! That you’re probably quite edgy and mabe a little challenging, in a good way! (It’s also a fab colour to wear in winter!)

Guys say: ‘Dark on some people could be very sexy and mysterious but could also look slightly emo, depending on her complexion.’

The Neutral Lip
A cool, low maintenance look, or the perfect contrast to a statement or smoky eye. Make sure your lips are nude or light pink, and not lighter than your skin: nobody loves the corpse look. 

Guys say: ‘I’m trying to picture nude and realised it’s quite similar to pale pink. Pale pink is cute, playful and looks natural.’ Well done on that clever deduction, boys!

The Orange Lip
This lip shows you’re not afraid to try something a little different and you think outside the box. Guys love this carefree attitude, but don’t expect them to understand why a lip should be orange.

Guys say: ‘Orange would seem quite strange to us, almost alternative and possibly off-putting.’