Here's a Glitter Brow Technique That Won't Cause Your Hairs to Fall Out

MAC artists are calling it ‘the futuristic disco brow line’.

So last week we published an article on the current controversy surrounding glitter brows. Long story short, don’t do it. Yes, applying adhesive and glitter to your brows is a breeze but removing it? Not so much – as we all saw in Buzzfeed’s recent tutorial video, which showed one of their employees loosing a sh*t ton of brow hairs in the process.

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However, makeup artistry legend Val Garland has come to the rescue, showcasing an alternative (and pretty genius) glitter brow technique at Giambattista’s Paris runway show yesterday. MAC senior artist Tom Sapin has coined it ‘the futuristic disco brow line’ – which is a little more subtle than the full glitter brow, but still manages to make a statement.

glitter brow


One good thing about Val’s take on the glitter brows is that adhesive is only applied along your brow bone, so no brow hairs will be lost in the end.

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