Hair Just Not Growing? Here's Why, and How You Can Change it

Long, luscious locks coming at ya

Been trying to grow you hair out for months but convinced that nothing is happening up there in your hair follicles? You could be imagining it. Or your hair could legit not be growing! There are a number of factors that could be causing this. Here are five of the main culprits and what you can do to get that growth back on track.

1 Not Enough Shut-Eye

Sleep is important. It not only makes sure that our brains are well-rested enough that we are capable of functioning the next day, but is also gives our cells time to regenerate. This means that not getting enough of it can lead to poor health and beauty dilemmas. When your body is sleep deprived, things function more slowly, including your ability to grow strong, healthy hair. Just something to think about next time you feel like staying up late to binge watch a series.

2 Too Much Trim

So we have always been led to believe that trimming our hair often is a good thing. But what works for some people, doesn’t for others, and for those whose hair tends to grow more slowly should probably not be taking scissors to their tresses quite as often. Get to know your hairstylist, let them in on your plans for long, mermaid hair and let them advise you as to how often you really should be cutting it. It’s probably not as often as you think.

3 Vitamin Deficiency

Many people who are experiencing hair loss or lack of growth could have an iron deficiency or anaemia. Other symptoms of this include fatigue, shortness of breath and light-headedness. There are plenty of over-the-counter supplements available to increase your intake of this mineral but, if problems persist, a trip to the GP is advised. In the mean time, make sure you are eating enough iron-rich food, such as chicken, beef, legumes, nuts and dark, leafy veg.

4 All Stressed Out

We all get stressed from time to time, but it’s when we don’t manage it that it can become detrimental to our health AND our hair. That’s right – not only can high levels of anxiety prevent our hair from growing but it can also cause it to fall out! When you are feeling overwhelmed, try meditating for 20 minutes just after waking up and before you go to bed at night. This can help you to feel more centred in this crazy, unpredictable world.

5 Mismatched Products

Not all hair products are created equal. And not all of them are designed to cater for all hair types. Whether you have dry, damaged hair, colour-treated hair or oily hair, there is a shampoo and conditioner for you. Other potential hair destroyers are heat tools, such as blowdryers and straighteners. These should be used sparingly and you should always use a heat-protectant spray before they go anywhere near your locks or you risk making your hair brittle.


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