Genius Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know

We love these.

1) Prop up your ponytail with a bobby pin or two!

 Before we start, here’s a little tip (and it might be a bit of a shock) on how to use your bobby pins correctly:



2) The knot and pin braid – Instantly update your braid by using a knot & bobby pin to secure it instead of an ugly elastic.

First tie a knot at the end of the braid & slide your bobby pin up into braid. Then thread a few pieces back through the loop until desired look.

3) The Cheat Fishtail.

This one doesn’t get much easier. Instantly transform your ponytail by seperating it into two sections. Hold the sections lightly in both hands and start to take pieces from behind and bring them forward and into the middle. Continue all the way down and tie with a hair tie.

4) The ghd Curl

TIP: Spray a small section with hairspray and curl by turning the straightener underneath and away from your roots. Remember to clamp the straightener near the roots and turn the ghd in one smooth movement to prevent ‘clamping’ marks.

5) The Makeup Brush Curl
Take a small section of hair and spray with hairspray. Then wrap this section around a makeup brush and press down using the straightener. Unwrap to unveil gorgeous curls!

6) The Lazy Curl. Roughly blow dry your hair until almost dry and apply a sea salt spray all over your hair. Make a plait and when you wake up, unravel to reveal gorgeous beach curls!

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