Five Tips On How To Curl Your Hair Using Your ghd

Learn from the pros!

We were lucky enough to get five expert tips from the experts at Spoilt Hair Salon themselves on how you should curl your hair using your trusty ghd. So now, you too can get your curls to look as gorgeous as Blake Lively’s!

1) Blowdry your hair first to get your roots smooth

2) Always use a heat protectant spray and use GHD’s foam for hold and body

3) Start at the top of your hair, make sure you pull the iron through small sections slowly for a tight curl twisting clockwise as you go down the hair

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4) Repeat this until all the hair has been curled

5) Spritz with GHD hairspray and you can use an oval padded GHD brush to soften the curls by giving it a light brush

We also found an awesome hair tutorial on their Youtube page for some extra tips:

Check out their Facebook Page for even more amazing hair tips!Image courtesy of ghd

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