Five Steps To Sexier Legs

How to make your legs summer-ready in 5 easy steps

STEP ONE: Shave your legs with a smooth and sensitive razor to avoid skin irritation.

STEP TWO: Massage a moisturising body butter into your skin to soften dry areas and give legs a subtle gloss. We recommend

STEP THREE: Using a body foundation slightly darker than your skin tone, conceal marks and scars. Once it’s dry, spread a thin layer over your entire leg for a flawless finish.

STEP FOUR: Blending well, apply bronzing or shimmer lotion from your feet up.

STEP FIVE: With a large brush, apply bronzing powder along the outside of your thighs for a slimmer effect.

Good to know
• Make sure you blend in bronzing powder well – to avoid an unnatural stripe down your legs.
• If you have pale skin, use a golden shimmer lotion rather than a bronzing lotion for a subtler effect.
• Dark skin looks great with extra gloss on legs. Smooth a little body oil along your shins for a sexy sheen.