Five Ingenious Ways to Use Coconut Oil

Perfect for DIY beauty tricks.

Coconut oil not only smells amazing but is our best friend when it comes to DIY beauty tricks. Here are our favourite ways to use the divine smelling beauty oil!

1) Makeup remover
Coconut oil is the perfect way to remove makeup whilst being gentle and soothing the skin. Add some of the oil to a cotton pad and hold over your eye area. This will allow the oil to breakdown your mascara, eye shadow and concealer etc.. TIP: Our eye area is one of the most sensitive areas of the skin so coconut oil is amazing for our eyes as it’s gentle and even nourishing for our lashes.

2) Deep conditioning hair mask
Apply to your scalp and through the length of your hair. Leave on for at least two hours (the longer you leave it on the better your results)
TIP: If you want to take this treatment to the next level, add some heat. Heat up the oil to a relatively hot temperature, but one that you can still touch, and then put on a plastic shower cap. Next wrap a towel around your hair. This will help keep in the heat. Leave on for at least two hours and then shampoo and condition hair afterwards as normal.

3) Body scrub AND body lotion
Simply mix some coconut oil and sugar – and this becomes your DIY scrub. Gently massage the skin and you’re body will thank you ten folds with the soothing and smoothing properties of the oil.

4) Face moisturiser
Coconut oil is known for it’s anti-ageing properties. Now to make sure your face isn’t super oily after having used the oil, simply apply some to your face, leave to soak in for 5-10 minutes and then splash face with cold water. This will make sure that the skin has absorbed the oil but you’ve washed off the oily residue from the surface.

5) Healing scalp treatment
Because of the awesome healing properties in coconut oil, it’s perfect for a DIY scalp treatment and can help soothe flaky, dry scalps. Gently massage the oil into your scalp in circular motions.