Five Genius Ways To Use Dry Shampoo!


We already know that dry shampoo is an absolute life saver, but I don’t think we quite realised HOW amazing this product is! Here are our five other genius ways to use the miracle powder.

1) Add volume to limp hair
Dry shampoo instantly takes your locks from Limpville to Volume City!

TIP: try holding your head upside down and spraying a little bit on your roots. You’ll see the difference straight away

2) Hold your updo
Not only will it give your updo some volume, it will also help your hair stay in place. It’s so frustrating trying to do an updo with clean, fresh hair and the bobby pins just wont grip! Instead, spray some dry shampoo and you’ll find the bobby pins grip a lot better.

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3) Refresh
Smelly strands? No thanks! If you’ve just hit the gym or you’ve been cooking, spray some dry shampoo. The powder will not only soak up the excess oil but will also absorb any odours.

4) Going matte
Not into the shine trend and would rather go matt? Then dry shampoo is your best friend. Spray in the middle of your head, along your hair line or on your ends for an instant matte finish.

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5) Use it instead of hairspray
As we mentioned above, dry shampoo is great for styling hair and helping your hair stay in place. So next time, instead of reaching for the hairspray, try spraying your hair with the dry shampoo instead!

REMEMBER: It obviously won’t give AS much hold as hairspray but it’s good enough!

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