Draw the Line

Huge black smudges, uneven lines and incessant reapplication weve all had mishaps when it comes to applying liquid liner.

We spoke to professional make-up artist, Renee de Wit on how to perfect the liquid liner look.

Professional makeup artist, Renee de Wit, has worked on celebrities ranging from Sophie Dahl to Steffi Graf and assisted on stars such as Beyoncé and U2. We found out from her how to perfect the tricky art of applying liquid liner.

• Apply your eye shadow first to prevent any possible smudging at a later stage. Unfortunately, de Wit warns, ‘the only problem is that if you make a mistake with your liner you might have to wipe some of your eye shadow off. Use a good foundation, preferably powder based, to really prevent the liner from bleeding or smudging as your day progresses.’

• Shake the liquid liner before you start, as the last thing you want are clumps. ‘Another good trick is to wipe the applicator on a tissue before you begin the application.’

• Rest your elbow on your desk or countertop to ensure your hands remain steady. ‘No one has that steady a hand, so this is a must! It’s also good to make sure you have ample light.’

• Pull your eyelid taut and start a quarter of the way from the inner corner of your eye. ‘Make sure you start with the smallest possible line to avoid that 60s look,’ de Wit advises. ‘Use a pointed cotton bud to blend the line towards the inside corner of the eye so it looks more natural.’

• Draw a line to the outer corner of your eye, making sure to keep close to your upper lash-line. Never apply liquid liner to your lower lash-line. ‘Lower lash liner looks dated unless you really smudge it,’ de Wit warns. ‘If you just have to have liner on the bottom, reach for eye shadow and use an angle brush or cotton bud to blend.’

• Keep the line as thin as possible. You can always make it thicker as you go along. ‘The thicker you go, the less natural it will look. To make sure you keep the line thin, simply dot along the lash and then join the dots, remembering to always pull the lid taut and look slightly downwards.’

• To prevent the droopy-eye look, when you reach the outer corner of your eye, draw the line in an upward motion, creating a slight wing. Don’t make too much of a wing, unless you want to look like Amy Winehouse. ‘To make sure the wing stays nice and thin, use a moistened cotton bud to sweep it at the end.’

• If you make a mistake, simply use an ear bud and a little makeup remover to remove any mishaps. ‘Make sure it’s oil free though,’ advises Renee.

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