#Trending: Double-Cleansing for Clearer Skin

The skin care routine sworn by Japanese women for years is making waves world-wide.

Double-cleansing involves just what it sounds like: washing your face twice! The first time with an oil-based cleanser to remove makeup and dirt, and the second time with a foaming cleanser, to further purify the skin.

And before you start thinking that this face washing trend is just a new-age fad, let me point out that it’s not a “new” thing at all. Double-cleansing has been practiced in Japan for centuries!

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Traditionally, white metallic makeup was worn by Japanese women as a sign of beauty and the most effective way of removing this “paint-like” foundation was with the awesomeness of cleansing oils.  Once the oil had removed most of the makeup, a second wash with a foaming cleanser was used to refresh skin and help remove any leftover makeup or oil residue.

Why You Should Try It

Although foundations these days are hardly paint-like, the technique has stuck because it really is an effective way of day-to-day face washing. If you take a deeper look into how this method works, it makes so much sense:

So often when cleaning our skin – especially our faces which, are makeup canvases and constantly directly exposed to weather, pollution, etc – we over-wash.

Scrubs and exfoliaters- which are great, don’t get me wrong- can dry out the skin if you use them too often or don’t moisturise effectively afterwards.

Dryness causes your skin to over-produce oil, leading to breakouts, which obviously we want to avoid.

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Removing oil, dirt and makeup with oil  makes sense chemistry-wise (like dissolves like, right?) and also won’t strip your skin of its own natural oils. Genius!

What We Suggest

Start by applying an oil cleanser directly to you skin with clean hands, massaging in circular motions (Japanese skincare side note: more facial massage = less need for surgery). We suggest Lipidol’s Cleansing Face Oil (R79.95 at selected Clicks stores). Its Rosemary and Niaouli essential oils fragranced formula is great for sensitive skin too. Add a little water to emulsify the oil, and massage a bit more before rinsing it off. 

Then you can do your second wash with a foaming cleanser (like Woolworths Daily Foaming Cleanser at R99.95) before rinsing and applying moisturiser as normal.

The 10-minute cleansing method is a popular trend used by many Asian celebrities and includes: 5 minutes of removing oil and dirt with oil cleanser, 3 minutes of purifying with foam cleanser and 2 minutes of rinsing the skin.

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You could get away with using the method in your own time though (10 minutes before work when you’ve overslept is just too damn long to spend washing your face, am I right?!).

And although it is a longer face washing method, it may just be the key to clearer skin which is totally worth it in the long run.

Give it a try and tell us what you think!


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