Do's and Don'ts For the Perfect DIY Manicure

We all love having a great manicure- but we don’t always have the time.

And even though there are awesome manicurists who will travel to you, such as the fabulous Foxers of FoxBox.co.za, there are still times when it’s just easier to do it ourselves.


1. Do: take your time.

Practice makes perfect- and no rushing. Apply thin layers as it’s easier to build the application instead of flooding your cuticles

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2. Don’t: skip the base coat.

Skipping the base coat is always a bad idea because it helps smooth out ridges to give you a more professional look.

3. Do: get the right tools.

Nail file, polish remover, cotton, a cuticle stick and a small brush like the angled ones used for makeup to help remove mistakes. A hand scrub or lotion isn’t necessary, but a nice touch for getting a luxe salon feel on your own.

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4. Don’t: leave polish on when soaking nails.

Removing polish before using is essential so the soak can work on your nail plate.

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5. Do: use a certain side of the brush.

By wiping the brush on the lip of the bottle and then using the non-wiped side, you’ll allow the excess product to be pulled off the brush so you won’t have any dripping.

6. Don’t: freak out when you make mistakes.

For clean up right after the mistake, use an orange wood stick or angled makeup brush dipped in polish remover. The same applies if you notice a smudge after polish has dried,Once your nails are completely dry, wash your hands in warm water and apply oil or lotion to the skin. This will help remove any remaining polish that’s not on your nails.

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And that’s a wrap folks!


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