Do Dungarees: the Hottest Denim Trend this Winter

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A childhood favourite has made it onto our fashion lust list this season. Dungarees are the hottest denim item to wear during the cold winter months. Take your pick –structured dark-wash dungarees for a formal vibe or an acid-wash pair for the cool, casual days. We’re inspired by local blogger Aisha (Baked The Blog) and how she wore her dark-wash dungarees to a recent street party. Check out the looks we’ve put together for you and shop them right now.

Baked The Blog

Baked The Blog

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1. R230, MRP

2. R899, Witchery

3. R1 799, Errol Arendz

4. R235, G Couture

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1. R230, MRP

2. R699, Witchery

3. R899, Woolworths

4. R599, Zoom

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