COSMO Fashion Assistant Clare on 'WTF is Millennial Pink, Anyway?'

Think unicorn vomit: cute but grungy

Millennial pink, also named ‘Tumbler Pink’ or ‘Scandinavian Pink’, is now one of the biggest colour crazes in the world of fashion. And it’s here to stay.

So, WTF is Millennial pink?

cheeky ?

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Try this definition on for size: a soft shade of pink ranging anywhere from pastel Barbie to muted salmon, with a hint of grey and a drop of apricot. How’s that for fancy?

COSMO Junior Fashion Editor Cleo Marcopoulos has an equally snazzy way to describe Millennial pink: ‘Think Regina George meets bubblegum. It’s like baby pink but so much cooler due to its subtle splash of apricot and dove grey.’ See? Fancy AF.

Then there’s COSMO intern Amber Barker’s hilarious description: ‘The colour of unicorn vomit. It’s cute but grungy at the same time.’

Here’s an IG roundup of the colour so you can see that it’s actually a thing, okay?

Check it out here:

dats right @nymag, not going anywhere ? #millennialpink

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You know it’s a real thing when it’s the colour of Rihanna’s #FENTYXPUMA campaign.

It’s the front-cover and theme colour of Sophia Amoruso’s bestseller book Nasty Gal. #GirlBoss

Keep going ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ ⠀ Wise words from birthday gal & icon, Grace Jones! ?

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Local South African fashion influencer Tracy-Lee Rosslind showing us that pink is where it’s at.

?Future ?as? bright?as ?my?bush ????#TLRstyling

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Keep scrolling for some Millennial pink-spiration:

a whole billboard all to ourselves? yesss. ? @george_byrne

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pull up a seat ?

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if you went to @sketchlondon and didn't take a photo, did you even go? ?

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Saturday vibes? //? by @fashion_viadi

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Mood of the day ? // ? by @micahgianneli

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