'Buttne': Why We Get Acne on Our Bums - and How to Get Rid of It

As if face acne wasn’t bad enough…

Most of us have had to deal with acne (or the odd pimple, at least) at some point or another, and there’s loads of info out there on methods you can use to fight pimples and get clear, radiant skin – just have a scroll through our beauty archives! We all know that acne occurs most frequently on the face but other areas, such as the chest, shoulders and back, can also be areas of concern. Another part of the body that can be affected is the bum. But what is ‘buttne’ and how can we get rid of it so that we have a smooth and sexy derrière?

One of the scariest parts about ‘buttne’ is that sometimes we don’t even notice it until it gets really bad (or someone else notices it first). The main culprits causing a spotty bum are blocked and infected hair follicles but this area of the body, as well as the whole back region, produces oil that can cause breakouts. How can you treat it?

What’s underneath
Firstly, it’s important to check what type of underwear you’re wearing. Lace might look lush but this is usually a synthetic material. Organic cotton knickers are the only type you should be wearing as they allow your butt to breathe, and prevent oil and dirt build-up. On that note, did you know that wearing tight pants leads to more sweating in the nether regions? Just something to think about next time you’re trying to squeeze into those skinny jeans.

Get clean
Hygiene is important. We’re sure you knew that already but it might be worth structuring your day in such a way that you’re able to shower right after exercising – use a body wash that contains salicylic acid. And just in case you thought that exfoliating the area would help, think again. This only spreads the bacteria and can lead to further breakouts.

Treat it
Just like the spots we get on our faces, bum pimples can be treated by applying a topical ointment to them that reduces swelling and redness, and dries them out. Look for a cream that contains benzoyl peroxide and apply it to the area after showering and before bed. This should help you to achieve your bum goals quickly and effectively. Bottoms up!

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